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Online Advertising Opportunities at Lake Onondoga Vineyard

on August 11, 2013

The newly formed Sales Team at Lake Onondaga Vineyard has created a list of possible online advertising opportunities and have asked me to share them with you. We are looking for advertisers from local companies with a good reputation (ex. Destiny USA, Armory Square, etc.) and especially those who would benefit from a partnership with us and vice versa. We hope that by highlighting local companies on our website, we will encourage visitors to Lake Onondaga Vineyard to stay a bit longer and explore the local community, benefiting the economy of the entire area.

Here are a few of the ideas the Sales Team is promoting:

1.  Banner Ads


Photo Credit:  Selekar

We would like to offer advertisers the option to purchase banner ads on our website.  Ideally, these ads would be advertisement for local companies in good standing with the community, and who offer products and services that fit well with our vineyard’s business.  Sizes of the banner ads would be standard industry sizes, from 300 X 100 to 300 X 600, and a 728 X 90 ad across the top of the website.

 2.  Site Sponsorship


Photo Credit:  Digital-Marketing Glossary  

With a site sponsorship, the advertiser would have a branded skin around our entire site.  We would offer this to advertisers whose product ties in extremely closely with ours, and especially companies we work with in other ways.  That way, the information in the branded skin does not take away from the Lake Onondaga Vineyard site and the information it provides to our customers, but enhances it instead.  For example, both the cheese and chocolate companies we work with to provide tasty morsels for our wine tastings have already expressed interest in this type of advertising.  We hope other vendors that we use in our inn and restaurant will also be interested.

3.  Affiliate Program


Photo Credit:  Affiliate Marketing Ninja

Our online store sells every variety of wine that we produce, clothes and other items bearing our logo, handmade crafts from local artists, and numerous other gifts of a local theme.  We would like to offer an affiliate program to any website that links to our online store.  Any purchase made in our online store from that referral will result in a commission to the referring website.

Additionally, we are looking to link to businesses that offer products that tie closely with ours and that we feel our customers may be interested in.  Any purchase made on those affiliate sites would in turn, provide a commission to us.

4.  Online Coupons


Photo Credit:  Albany9

By partnering with local businesses, we will offer exclusive online coupons to those businesses on our site.  With many of our visitors being tourists, we hope to offer exclusive deals to businesses that reflect the local flavor of our area.  For example, we would love to work with local restaurants and small independent businesses and shops that would really provide our guests with a great impression of everything the area to offer.  Examples of companies we are already beginning to work with are Columbus Baking Company, Promise Me Chocolate, and Snake Oil Glassworks. Again, we would love to use programs like this as a way to boos the local economy.  In return for offering the coupon on our site, we would receive a small commission anytime something is purchased using that coupon.

5.  Sponsored Posts


Photo Credit:  Clker

A sponsored post provides an advertiser the opportunity to partner with Lake Onondaga Vineyard for a specific post on a topic of mutual interest to the advertiser and Lake Onondaga Vineyard.  The post would feature an ad for the advertiser at the top.  For example, a local grocery store could sponsor a post that would detail the best wines to pair with certain meals, listing the ingredients for each meal, all of which could be found at that particular grocery store.  Similarly, a local chocolate or cheese shop could do the same.  Additionally, events that Lake Onondaga Vineyard participates in such as the Finger Lakes Wine FestivalNew York State Fair and Taste of Syracuse could sponsor a post that would cross promote our presence at the events.

If your company is interested in any of these possible advertising opportunities, please contact our online sales team at sales@lakeonondagavineyard.com for more details and pricing information.

Jamie Watts

Social Media Manager, Lake Onondaga Vineyard


*Note:  This blog is an assignment for IST 600 at Syracuse University.  There is no such company as Lake Onondaga Vineyard and everything discussed in the blog post is completely fictional.


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