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Emerging Trends in Blogging

on August 6, 2013

As the world of blogging continues to evolve, new trends continue to emerge.  In the case of my cookie decorating/baking blog, the emerging trends that will impact me are mobile, video and demographics.


cell phone

Photo Credit:  Ken Peterkin

With mobile traffic increasing steadily, it’s important that readers are able to get access to my full blog via their phone.  Before making any drastic changes, I will be check my Google Analytics to verify that many users are accessing their blog through their phones.  If so, I will make my blog incredibly mobile friendly by balancing my graphics and videos, and if my blog continues to grow, I will look into creating a separate mobile site or a mobile-optimized theme so my blog is easily readable on a mobile device.



Photo Credit:  Real

Video is incredibly important for a cookie decorating/baking blog.  I will be posting a lot of video tutorials of new techniques, videos of new recipes, etc. and it’s important that my blog can handle that many videos.  I will also post my videos through my social media pages so my Facebook fans and Twitter followers have access to them as well.  I will use tools such as tagging and editing to make my videos more viewable and accessible to my readers.



Photo Credit:  123RF

With women 55+ being the fastest growing demographic on Facebook, a cookie decorating/baking blog is right up their alley.  With baking being primarily a female activity, a baking blog will often have many readers that fit into that demographic.  I will post all of my blog posts on my Facebook page in order to reach out to that demographic, as well as women in general, and bring those people over to my blog.  I will also use my blog to promote organizations and charities that women will be interested in, as well as reach out to more women through the BlogHer network of blogs. This way, I will be able to reach as many women as possible, and take advantage of that fast growing demographic.

For any other bloggers out there, what emerging trends do you think will most impact your blogs? Do you have any tips on how to prepare?


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