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Amelia Earhart: New Clues Suggest Final Resting Place

on June 2, 2013


Photo Credit:  Scholastic

Has Amelia Earhart’s whereabouts finally been figured out?  New evidence presented by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery suggests it has.

According to a new study, 57 radio transmissions originally dismissed, were actually distress calls from Earhart.

Discovery News reports that at the time of Earhart’s disappearance, approximately 120 distress calls were suspected to be from Earhart and led to a search in the South Pacific.  When that search failed, these signals and calls were largely deemed as erroneous and have been ignored ever since.

The study utilized advances in technology, using digitized information management systems, antenna modeling software, and radio wave propagation analysis programs, to take a more detailed look at those 120 calls and determined 57 were actually from Earhart.

Based on these calls, IGHAR believes Earhart, along with her navigator Fred Noonan, landed safely on Gardner Island, now called Nikumaroro, uninhabited since 1892.  Their hypothesis continues, stating that Earhart and Noonan continued to make calls from Earhart’s plane, a Lockheed Electra, until the plane was swept away by the tide.  Once the plane was swept away, no calls could be made, and when the U.S. Navy flew search planes over the area, not spotting the plane, they continued on without searching deeper.  IGHAR believes Earhart and Noonan died as castaways on the island, and their remains lie there.

On the 75th anniversary of Earhart’s disappearance, July 2, IGHAR plans to launch their ninth expedition to Nikumaroro.  With this new theory in hand, we will wait and see what they uncover.


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