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Top 10 Tools Every Cookie Decorator Should Have

on June 1, 2013

As every cookie decorator knows, the amount and variety of tools needed to perform cookie magic is enormous. While every cookie decorator is different and has their own preferences, here is my list of the top 10 tools every cookie decorator should have:

10.  Cookie Sheets


Photo Credit:  Sam’s Club

A cookie decorator can never have too many cookie sheets.  I use mine for both baking and decorating, keeping my cookies organized and secure while in progress.  Once you find a brand you (and your oven!) like best, buy as many as possible.  My personal favorites can be found here:  Cookie Sheets 

9.  Food Coloring



Photo Credit:  Amazon

In order to create those beautifully designed and colored cookies, food coloring is a must!  My favorites are the AmeriColor Soft Gel Pastes.  I find these gels produce a more vibrant color and the squeeze bottles are perfect for rationing out the exact amount of color you need.  Find them on Amazon individually by color in or in kits: AmeriColor Gel Pastes 

8.  Plaque Cookie Cutters



Photo Credit:  Karen’s Cookies

A plaque cookie cutter is the perfect centerpiece cookie in a collection.  Whether is is used to say Happy Birthday, Congratulations, or just about anything else, the plaque cookie cutter can be utilized to tie an entire collection together.  Here’s one of my faves: Plaque Cookie Cutter 

7.  PME Supatube Tips



Photo Credit:  Amazon

Decorating tips are essential to all decorators!  How else would we get the tiniest details added to our cookies without that Size 00 tip!  While I have dozens of most sizes (00-3), my favorite and most used size is the 1.5.  I find this to be the perfect size for most details, and especially for piping words.  My favorite brand is PME and can be found here: PME Supatube Tips 

6.  Cellophane Bags



Photo Credit:  Sedddalcrafts

Once baked and decorated, I find my cookies stay freshest the longest when they are individually packaged in small cellophane bags.  I typically seal mine with a pretty ribbon, but if the cookies need to stay fresh for a longer period of time, I may seal them with a heat sealer which secures the bag tightly.  Cellophane bags can be bought in bulk at a decent price here: Cellophane Bags 

5.  Basic Cookie Cutters


Photo Credit:  Amazon

One of my first purchases when I began decorating cookies was this Betty Crocker 101 Piece Cookie Cutter set from my local craft store.  Simple, plastic cutters covering a variety of themes (A-Z, 0-9, holidays, sports, geometric shapes, etc.), this cookie cutter collection is often my go-to when I began a new order.  While I love all of my new individually sold, super creative and unique metal and brass cookie cutters, this basic set is still sitting pretty on my shelf and used on a regular basis.  More info here: Basic Cookie Cutters 

4.  Cookie Tins



Photo Credit:  Amazon

After your cookies have been sealed in their cello bags, you need something to store or ship the cookies in.  Pretty cookie tins are always my favorite, and you can coordinate your tin with the theme of the cookie collection as well.  Or maybe you just want pretty cookie tins filled with cookies on your kitchen table like me!  These floral tins are some of my absolute favorites: Cookie Tins 

3. Aprons



Photo Credit:  Anthropologie

Aprons are a must have if you are a messy baker like me!  Flour dust, royal icing, gel color pastes…everywhere!  And if you are a super girly girl like me, a plain ordinary apron just won’t suffice!  My favorite place to shop for aprons is Anthropologie

2. KitchenAid Stand Mixer



Photo Credit:  Williams-Sonoma

A stand mixer is a life-save for cookie decorators making large amounts of dough on a daily or weekly basis.  Heck, even those who make dough less frequently can appreciate the work a stand mixer does for you.  Instead of wasting time and energy hand mixing your dough, you just turn this bad boy on and he work his magic for you in seconds, mixing more thoroughly that you could ever do by hand.   Plus, the pasta and ice cream attachments sold separately allow you to make many other yummy things!  Available in numerous locations and a variety of colors, a stand mixer is absolutely essential.  While I currently own the 5 quart black mixer, I’ve got a serious craving for this beautiful raspberry ice mixer from Williams-Sonoma:  KitchenAid Stand Mixer 

And the number 1 tool I can’t live without…

1.  Kopykake Projector



Photo Credit:  Madison Art Shop

For those who are artistically challenged (like me!), the Kopykake projector allows you to make cookie art as if you were Picasso himself!  Simply place an image in the box at the top, turn it on, and the image is projected directly onto your cookie.  Then you just need to pipe the image, whether it be a picture or words in a pretty font, onto your cookie!  Easy peasy!  Kopykake projectors are pricy, but keep an eye on this link as this shop tends to have sales frequently:  Kopykake Projector 

So those are my top 10 tools!  Do you have any tools that you can’t live without?  Let me know in the comments!


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