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Week 1 Assignment

on May 26, 2013

I have been tasked with starting a blog for three entities:

1. A small bakery named Bill’s, located in Syracuse, that features cupcakes.

Name: Cuse Cupcakes Domain: cusecupcakes.com

Pros: I love the alliteration of Cuse Cupcakes, and think it makes a cute, catchy name. It also references the location of the bakery through the Cuse nickname. There’s nothing worse than finding some yummy cupcakes online and then finding out they aren’t located anywhere near you!

Cons: The name of the bakery, Bill’s, is not included in either the domain or blog name. Also, some people may be confused and think all of the cupcakes are Syracuse themed, when that is not the case.

2. Fang Films, a movie studio that focuses on horror films, most of which are released direct to DVD.

Name: Fang Horror DVD Domain: fanghorrordvd.com

Pros: While the blog name does not exactly use the movie studio’s name, Fang Films, it does include part of the name (Fang). I also thought it was important to use both the words horror and DVD, to further describe what the blog will be discussing, as these are all horror films released directly to DVD.

Cons: As mentioned, the blog name does not directly reference the movie studio’s name, Fang Films.

3. Happy Pup Doggy Day Care, a new dog daycare business in Syracuse.

Name: Happy Pup Doggy Day Care Domain: happypupdaycare.com

Pros: The name and domain are the business name and tell the audience exactly what the blog is about.

Cons: This name does not specify where this daycare is located, and after doing some research, there are a few other doggy daycares around the country with the same name.


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