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Week 1 Assignment (600 only) Part 2

on May 26, 2013

Which blogging platform would I recommend to the following:

1. A giant coffee retailer looking to connect with customers.

WordPress – Because this is a business blog, I would definitely recommend WordPress. WordPress is used by many large companies including Time and CNN so it can definitely be used by a large coffee retailer. It also allows the blogger to track traffic and get statistics that will help the company greatly. The coffee company can also easily connect their Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts to the blog, providing a large connected social media presence for it’s customers.

2. A photographer interested in making their work go viral.

Tumblr – I think Tumblr is a great blogging platform for a photographer. It allows the blogger to quickly post the photos they want to share. It also has a built-in community so the photographer could receive instant feedback on the photo they posted, also allowing the photo to spread virally.

3. A Syracuse Crunch hockey blogger looking to write daily updates.

Blogger – I would choose Blogger for this one as it would be closer to a personal blog than a business blog. Additionally, with the backing of Google, using Blogger may allow for better Google search results anytime someone searches for the Syracuse Crunch.


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