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Week 1 Assignment (600 only) Part 1

on May 26, 2013

WordPress vs. Blogger: Comparing two platforms


WordPress could be used by just about anyone, but it does suit business/small business purposes well. It has a very sophisticated look, and would serve as a great representation for any business.

Pros: Free, easy to use, plenty of themes to personalize your blog, the ability to upgrade to self-hosting (wordpress.org), can easily add things such as a shopping cart, etc. if you are using the site to sell items, gives you great search engine recognition, and provides you with statistics and traffic information.

Cons: It is open-source so security can be an issue, and if you want something more than a theme can provide, customization may be a bit of a hassle or end up costing you money.

Example: http://tinyowlknits.wordpress.com – This is a knitting blog in which not only does the blogger blog about all of her projects, she also sells the patterns that she creates. WordPress works well for this as it’s a combination personal/business blog.


Blogger seems to be used primarily for personal blogs.

Pros: Free and easy to use, backed by Google which leads to great search engine presence, can edit and change template and design without knowing HTML, can use custom domain for free, completely ad-free if you choose

Cons: Not a lot of storage and plug-ins are not available

Example: http://yarnhog-yarnhog.blogspot.com – This is another knitting blog, but it is used primarily for the blogger to blog about her projects, as well as numerous other things in her life, such as her family, her dogs, and other interests she has. Because there is no business aspect and it is a personal blog, Blogger works well for this.


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