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Week 1 Assignment (600 only) Part 2

Which blogging platform would I recommend to the following:

1. A giant coffee retailer looking to connect with customers.

WordPress – Because this is a business blog, I would definitely recommend WordPress. WordPress is used by many large companies including Time and CNN so it can definitely be used by a large coffee retailer. It also allows the blogger to track traffic and get statistics that will help the company greatly. The coffee company can also easily connect their Facebook, Twitter, etc. accounts to the blog, providing a large connected social media presence for it’s customers.

2. A photographer interested in making their work go viral.

Tumblr – I think Tumblr is a great blogging platform for a photographer. It allows the blogger to quickly post the photos they want to share. It also has a built-in community so the photographer could receive instant feedback on the photo they posted, also allowing the photo to spread virally.

3. A Syracuse Crunch hockey blogger looking to write daily updates.

Blogger – I would choose Blogger for this one as it would be closer to a personal blog than a business blog. Additionally, with the backing of Google, using Blogger may allow for better Google search results anytime someone searches for the Syracuse Crunch.

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Week 1 Assignment (600 only) Part 1

WordPress vs. Blogger: Comparing two platforms


WordPress could be used by just about anyone, but it does suit business/small business purposes well. It has a very sophisticated look, and would serve as a great representation for any business.

Pros: Free, easy to use, plenty of themes to personalize your blog, the ability to upgrade to self-hosting (wordpress.org), can easily add things such as a shopping cart, etc. if you are using the site to sell items, gives you great search engine recognition, and provides you with statistics and traffic information.

Cons: It is open-source so security can be an issue, and if you want something more than a theme can provide, customization may be a bit of a hassle or end up costing you money.

Example: http://tinyowlknits.wordpress.com – This is a knitting blog in which not only does the blogger blog about all of her projects, she also sells the patterns that she creates. WordPress works well for this as it’s a combination personal/business blog.


Blogger seems to be used primarily for personal blogs.

Pros: Free and easy to use, backed by Google which leads to great search engine presence, can edit and change template and design without knowing HTML, can use custom domain for free, completely ad-free if you choose

Cons: Not a lot of storage and plug-ins are not available

Example: http://yarnhog-yarnhog.blogspot.com – This is another knitting blog, but it is used primarily for the blogger to blog about her projects, as well as numerous other things in her life, such as her family, her dogs, and other interests she has. Because there is no business aspect and it is a personal blog, Blogger works well for this.

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Week 1 Assignment

I have been tasked with starting a blog for three entities:

1. A small bakery named Bill’s, located in Syracuse, that features cupcakes.

Name: Cuse Cupcakes Domain: cusecupcakes.com

Pros: I love the alliteration of Cuse Cupcakes, and think it makes a cute, catchy name. It also references the location of the bakery through the Cuse nickname. There’s nothing worse than finding some yummy cupcakes online and then finding out they aren’t located anywhere near you!

Cons: The name of the bakery, Bill’s, is not included in either the domain or blog name. Also, some people may be confused and think all of the cupcakes are Syracuse themed, when that is not the case.

2. Fang Films, a movie studio that focuses on horror films, most of which are released direct to DVD.

Name: Fang Horror DVD Domain: fanghorrordvd.com

Pros: While the blog name does not exactly use the movie studio’s name, Fang Films, it does include part of the name (Fang). I also thought it was important to use both the words horror and DVD, to further describe what the blog will be discussing, as these are all horror films released directly to DVD.

Cons: As mentioned, the blog name does not directly reference the movie studio’s name, Fang Films.

3. Happy Pup Doggy Day Care, a new dog daycare business in Syracuse.

Name: Happy Pup Doggy Day Care Domain: happypupdaycare.com

Pros: The name and domain are the business name and tell the audience exactly what the blog is about.

Cons: This name does not specify where this daycare is located, and after doing some research, there are a few other doggy daycares around the country with the same name.

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Why Am I Taking IST 600 – Blogging for Information Professionals?

About me:

My name is Jamie Watts and I’m currently entering my second year in the SU MLIS program. I was born and raised in the Albany area, graduated from Syracuse in 2005 with a Bachelor’s degree in Biology, and for the past 6 years have been working in the Human Resources department of a non-profit child welfare agency in New York City, where my main duty is conducting all background checks on the over 1000 employees the agency has, a job I sort of fell into after college.  Unhappy with the direction my career was headed, and after years of family and friends telling me libraries are where I needed to be, I finally took the leap and began the MLIS program at SU last summer. If I’m not working or studying you can usually find me doing one of five things:  shopping (I may have a slight addiction), knitting (I tend to carry my needles with me at all times), reading (I also carry a book everywhere), baking decorated sugar cookies (I seem to have unintentionally created a small side business of custom cookies), and running (ran my first marathon last fall and will be running the NYC marathon in November!).

Why IST 600?

Over the course of my first year in the MLIS program, one thing all of my professors have stressed is that librarianship of old no longer exists. Being a librarian in this day and age consists of a lot more than shelving books and answering reference questions for patrons, and a large part of that includes social media and creating an online presence. Many libraries today reach out to patrons via blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. In fact, I get most of my updates regarding NYPL from their Facebook page, and not from their website or emails. And while I definitely enjoy posting my vacation pictures to Facebook, blogging and Twitter seem to be a bit beyond my current skill set!  Classes such as this one, and Social Media in Libraries, will hopefully teach me the basic skills I need to create that online presence (things like how and what to post, how to promote the blog and most importantly, how to find people who actually want to read what I write!), leaving me with plenty to share with prospective employers when the time comes.

Additionally, as mentioned above, I seem to have created a small side business of custom cookies such as these:



Many of my cookie idols have blogs they use to showcase their designs and creations, as well as to sell their cookies, and should my “business” grow any larger, that is definitely something I would want to consider.

Blogging is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and this course will hopefully get me on the right track, both for my future career in libraries, as well as my possible future cookie business! And as a huge NunesMagician fan, I think I’m learning from the right person! I can’t wait to get started!

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